A Dream of Flying

I had a dream of flying. I drew the eight of wands from the Tarot. Eight wands flying over peaceful countryside. My business had just folded, leaving me with debts and a fortnightly Giro cheque from the government. The dreams grew, took over my nights and my days. People kept making demands. I had been… Read more

Alien Nation

“Let’s go up that hill”, Steve said, pointing at a grassy knoll just visible behind a row of houses. I was staying with Steve at his mother’s house in Cambridge, spending half term at her cute little cottage in the country. Steve was not my best friend or anything: it was the only offer I’d… Read more

Better Than Sex

Bitter and betrayed, I slipped the moorings of home and family in early Spring and sought solace in the ocean of the sky. My machine was waiting for me at the airfield, and I was soothed by the familiar rituals of rigging and pre-flight checks. I took a sleeping bag, some cash and five gallons… Read more

Feeding Frank

This story was inspired by a feature I read in the tabloids. It got me wondering about motives…. Sarah first met Frank while out shopping in her local village. Trundling down a narrow cycle path on her mobility scooter, as she rounded a corner another scooter appeared suddenly in front of her. She hit the… Read more


I met her at a party at Gavin’s house, and things were never the same again. I’d just moved back to Jo’burg and was working for Aerospray in their hanger at Rand Airport, fixing aircraft and sometimes getting flights in a Cherokee 140 taking spares to aircraft spraying around the Transvaal and Orange Free State.… Read more


I was sitting in the bar in the departure lounge in Frankfurt airport nursing a beer while waiting for my delayed flight to London when someone came up behind me. “Got a light?” he asked, in English. For a second I wondered how he knew I was English until I realised I had an English… Read more

Palm Beach

I’m sitting in a bar in Cologne, nursing a flat beer and wishing I’d been able to sleep. I’ve been up since eight in the morning, installing new mini-bars in a posh hotel in the town centre. It’s boring work, and I hate it. I’d originally got into the hotel mini-bar business as a way… Read more